Sell My Home

When you hire the 7 Hills Real Estate Services Agent, you will get the benefit of professional experience from the moment you consider selling your house. We will help you establish a fair market value for your home.

We will various advertising methods to market your home that brings interested prospects to see your property. We will interview and qualify strong buyers for you. We'll use our sales skills, latest trends and negotiating techniques to receive the best possible offer price for the home. 

We will try our best to follow-up with every prospect buyer seeing your home directly or through their agent, and seek their constructive comments and feedback to re-evaluating your list price to sell the home faster. 

As an expert Realtor(s), we will give you advance estimates of your closing costs and net proceeds from the sale, as well as keeping you apprised on each stage of the escrow closing process, and assure a smooth and timely closing of the deal. 

Tips to Improve Your Home Value

1. Curb Appeal: When you place your home on the market, you need to pay attention to curb appeal. This means maintaining your yard and keeping the lawn watered and mowed. You should also trip and prune trees and plants to ensure that there is a clear view of your home from the curb. Additionally pay attention to the door, porch, and roof. These should be cleaned and free of clutter. Consider getting the roof and gutters cleaned and the window panes washed if you do not have the time to attend to these chores yourself.

2. Interior Lighting: Another important way in which you can increase the value of your home is by updating the interior lighting. Ensure that all the rooms are flooded with natural light if possible. This can be achieved by replacing broken window panes, heavy drapes, and installing a large mirror in each room to reflect light. You should also install higher wattage bulbs in dark rooms and connect them to dimmer switches to control the mood. Skylights and sun tubes or sun pipes can be installed to ensure that most rooms get some amount of natural light. Lately, this is a big attraction for home buyers.

3. Increase Free Flow Spaces: Most home buyers in the current market are looking for free flow spaces. If you have a non-structural wall or a kitchen island that you can safely remove to enhance the flow of the space, do so. Apart from square footage, most people appreciate the freedom of free flow spaces that add to the openness of the house. Kitchens that open off the living room are also favored by home buyers at present.

4. Bathroom Upgrade: Even simple upgrades in the bathroom can help increase the value of a home. If you do not have the time, hire someone to clean the tiles and remove grout, apply caulk, and replace frosted glass with clear glass. You should also change faucets and towel rails so that the bathroom looks clean and is gleaming.

5. Neutral Color: If your home has patches of peeling paint, invest in a fresh coat of paint. If you are planning to sell your home, select a neutral color on the walls and ceiling instead of showing off your eclectic tastes. A home buyer is likely to be more comfortable with neutral color walls since they will be able to decorate the home to their tastes. This freedom to implement their decorating ideas will help sell the home faster.